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Friday, July 25, 2014

LiFE Award for Excellence in Suicide Prevention – the inaugural ‘Lifetime Achievement Award’ (2014)

I have been reflecting on my 2014 ‘Living is for Everyone’ (LiFE) Award for Excellence in Suicide Prevention – the inaugural ‘Lifetime Achievement Award’. (Presented at the National Suicide Prevention Conference, Perth, 2014). It is a phenomenal acknowledgement of 30 years of thinking, writing, research, and sheer hard work. It is all the more delightful, and meaningful, because it comes from my own peers. I am immensely honoured and grateful.
But you never achieve these things on your own.
I think one trick is to live a long time.
A second is to be partnered in life by the most loving, supportive and tolerant person I have ever met.
The third is to associate with mentors, colleagues and students who have brilliant minds and are ambitious. And I have been blessed in the extreme to find thoughtful, knowledgeable and dedicated people who have helped me to fulfill some of my dreams for suicide prevention.
My thanks go out to all of you who have worked so hard on my behalf.

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Haiku on Safety/ Wonderful/ Choose/ Body


Laughing together
They skated across thin ice
Despising safety

After the report
He found the safety was off
Such devastation

Food safety standards
Epidemic avoidance
Pro bono publico


Wide eyes wonderful
As he watched the lathe turning
Wood became chair leg

Gallery visit
Wonderful experience
Quiet sense of awe

Standing in the storm
Scoured beach being bereft
Experience awe

Wonderful moment
The 'Aha' experience
Therapeutic change


No haiku tonight
Choose to put my brain to bed
Good night, sweet poets

Help a child choose right
And see the good in others
Watch kindness flower

A fork in the road
Choose the way that's best for you
Signposts may be wrong

Choose to take a snooze
Any ruse to take off shoes
Helps you lose the blues


I like my body
When it is with your body
Such a perfect fit

Each newborn infant
Starts with a perfect body
Life's journey begins

Corporate body
Piggies at the trough of life
Feeding off others

Monday, July 7, 2014

Haiku on Practice/ Again/ /Dull /Recoil

Practise what you preach
Or give up your odd practice
Of preaching at me

When the doctor cares
You may have to wait your turn
To get best practice

So much hard practice
To be good at Karate
Softness and style win


Won't tell you again
Unless you really need it
You are beautiful

Again we have lost
One of those special people
Comes to all of us

Try those steps again
Please avoid my toes this time
I'm quite bruised enough


A dull day dawning
After last night's flashy storms
We are all pensive

My thoughts dulled by grief
And yet her bright kindness shines
Beyond the grey gloom

He seemed a dull boy
Shyly trudging through his life
His music has wings


Lethal strike complete
Small desert rat swallowed whole
The rattler recoiled

He fired the magnum
Recoil knocked flat on his back
Just like his target

She spat in his face
But the loathing on her face
That made him recoil

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Sensual Haiku the haiku of love (now only $7.95 digital download)

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Taking Charge: a journey of recovery (now only $13+p&p)

Haiku on Listen/ Release/ Before/ Far


Listen carefully
You can hear the word of God
In the lightest breeze

Many folk listen
But not many truly hear
The Easter message

I listen to words
Then I construct a sentence
Now I have a book


Small black and white stone
Released from the catapult
Took out the giant

The school bell release
Flock of green white striped starlings
Chatter about tests

Divorce court release
No contract vows to be kept
Utter emptiness


There's no 'before you'
Just muddles of memories
With no shape or form

An old dinosaur
Took us round the museum
Smiled before some bones

My dad before me
His dad lived before he did
His dad before wars


In a far off land
Great lady waiting to die
There's no rush, my dear

You are far away
Physically very close
But a bit distant

He was far sighted
Saw the future accident
Rushed to prevent it

Eyes on far off wealth
I rush to answer the phone
Miss your yearning look

It came with a rush
From the far reaches of mind
Went just as quickly

Monday, June 23, 2014

Haiku on Brag/ Wait/ Presume/ Blood


Behind ten foot walls
He bragged of three more murders
And stayed forever

He, on the eighth day
Bragged about creating man
And wept for aeons

Brag about exploits And someone gives you a job Best to keep quiet


At Pearly Gates
They had to wait in a queue
Problem with visas

Just wait a minute
Cry of the harassed mother
At supermarket

A gentleman's rule
Never make a lady wait
She always comes first


Assume you know me
Presume; tell me what to do
Resume your journey

Tell politicians
How to run this great country
I would not presume

Tell my lady wife
How to make chocolate cake
Would not dare presume


A treaty brokered
Not a drop of blood was shed
War never happened

Brothers often fought
But blood thicker than water
Their love survived all

Blood coursed through their veins
Bodies arced in ecstasy
Intertwined passion

Her nails raked his skin
Blood oozed into future scars
Marking him for stud